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So Safaree Was At A Pool Party Too During Nicki Minaj Assault In Dallas

UPDATE: WFAA Channel 8 in Dallas confirmed with the Dallas Police Department that Rapper Nicki Minaj was involved in an altercation with an unnamed man.

UPDATE: Nicki Minaj is in Dallas opening for Britney Spears tonight, we’ll find out if Safaree also hits the stage.

Lloyd Safaree Samuels has been described as Nicki Minaj’s husband, fiance, hype-man, and boyfriend by many media outlets and “sources”. However, Nicki Minaj has maintained that she and Safaree are just best friends, and are not romantically involved. Well today we have learned that Nicki Minaj and an unidentified man were both staying at the Palomar Hotel here in Dallas, TX. During the pool party at the Palomar an altercation broke out between Nicki Minaj and the unidentified man,who we now believe to be Safaree. That very public argument by the pool eventually lead to an assault charge when Nicki Minaj and the man returned to their room where the fight continued. The police were called to the scene.  Nicki Minaj gave a statement to the police and decided to not press charges or release the name of the man she was staying with. Nicki Minaj stressed to the cops that she was not romantically involved with the man who assaulted her, and by the time the cops arrived, the man left the scene of the crime.

So how does Safaree’s name come into all of this. Well the answer can be found on twitter of all places…

Yes this is circumstantial evidence, but isn’t it strange that Safaree was also at a pool party yesterday around the same time that Nicki Minaj was at a pool party. They are both suppose to be in Dallas for tonight’s concert with Britney Spears, so I’m pretty sure they were at the same pool party as well. I’m also pretty sure, the unidentified guy who Nicki Mainaj was sharing a room with, but not dating was definitely Safaree, because he certainly wouldn’t let any other man assault Nicki Minaj under his nose.

Did I forget to mention that MTO has a picture of Safaree and Nicki Minaj riding in the car together in Dallas. I don’t even think MTO realizes that pictures was taken in Dallas

I just don’t understand. No matter how much money or fame you have you’re still subject to the same volatile relationships. I know celebrities like to keep things private, but sometimes things go public for a reason. Where would Rihanna be right now, if the assault didn’t make it to the media?

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