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Casey Anthony is now a free woman after a jury found her not guilty of first degree murder, although they felt in their heart that she really was guilty of killing her daughter Caylee Anthony. I know it doesn’t make sense, but I guess the jury didn’t feel like the prosecution made their case. Anyway, unless the feds can find a reason to prosecute Casey Anthony, or unless some new evidence appear that can definitively tie her to the murder of Caylee, this woman will remain free under the double jeopardy clause derived from the 5th Amendment. Although I don’t know how much freedom she will truly have, there are a lot of people that HATE her, and for the rest of her life she will have to watch her back. Some vigilante may seek justice for Caylee, and the police department can’t protect her forever. It certainly can’t be easy in or out of jail being known for the rest of your life as a baby killer, even when you were found innocent of murder.

This young woman had her day in court,” Baez told Fox News. “We need to start respecting jury verdicts and decisions that juries make.” {Source}

Every time I see her smile or smirk, I get so irritated.

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