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“Take The Fade Though, N*gga” What Does That Mean Chris Brown V Frankie Ocean?

You know you are old when you do not understand today’s fighting words. I thought a fade was a haircut, and I didn’t know it was something you could take. I was just waiting for Frankie Ocean to let it be know that his edges are tight. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just give me a minute to explain.¬† Chris Brown has found himself in trouble once again, although he wasn’t even at the scene are apart of the actual mayhem. Chis Brown stays in trouble by proxy. The sad thing is Chris Brown is on the right side of the argument.

About a week ago, Chris Brown and Frankie Ocean got into a twitter beef, yes, I said twitter. Considering Chris Brown is involved in quite a bit of these, I actually thought it was just friendly fire. Frankie Ocean for whatever reasons decides to find Chris Brown and address the issue, friendly or not, and found himself running away while being chased by a few of Chris Brown Young Money “cousins” (according to Necole Bitchie). Chris Brown apparently wasn’t even there, and Frankie Ocean almost caught himself a beat down by some ransom entourage members. Leave the twitter crooning thuggery on twitter. I’m just saying, R&B beef is not as sexy as hip-hop.

{Frankie Ocean Beef With Chris Brown via Necole Bitchie}

This all started when Chris Brown spoke out against demonic music, and music that promotes violence. Chris Brown admitted that he hasn’t been the best role model, but certainly wouldn’t create music that promotes evil. I couldn’t agree more!!! Well, Frankie Ocean and Odd Future took it personally, and a twitter feud erupted, with Frankie Ocean and Odd Future basically calling Chris Brown a wife beater. If you’re promoting evil and demonic music, I don’t know how you can act like you’re better than anyone, and if you’re not, why would you think Breezy was talking about you? {Read the entire beef here}

For the last time, Chris Brown, act like a man and not a boy!!! A man would NOT mess his money up over twitter with people who are not even on their second single, let along album.

Take the fade….No my edges are tight.

None of these cats look like they can fight. I miss the real thugs of the 90’s.

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