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Dallas Mavericks Win NBA Finals! We Are The Champions Bay-Bee!

So Dallas Mavericks win the NBA Finals, and I feel so good right now. To be apart of the city (Dallas Bay-Bee) that stopped the ridiculousness of comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordan feels even better. This has been a loud year for LeBron James and it started off with a lot of theater, noise, and publicity, and pretty much ended the same way, except this time the noise mainly consisted of Chris Bosh crying out loud and collapsing on the floor as if he was flopping during the game. I don’t know why Chris Bosh took it so hard, he’s from Dallas, isn’t it better to lose to your home city? I would feel sorry for LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, but after they made fun of Dirk before game 5, I realized they really don’t have the maturity level to win so it feels good to have the ultimate revenge with the “W”, they can keep their lame jokes. Speaking of jokes:

I hear if you ask Lebron James for a dollar, he’ll only give you 75 cents; he never gives you the fourth quarter.

Words mean so much more when you can back them up. Dallas proved to be the classiest team this season, and so now it’s time to make fun of all the haters. If you come across a good joke or a funny picture regarding Miami Heat feel free to e-mail them to me at wzup@mrsgrapevine.com, so that I can post them. Now enjoy Chris Bosh also known as Mary J Bosh (@eleven8) performing his last flop of the season…

I feel for him, I really do! I understand the tears, everyone else was crying, I just don’t understand the collapsing on the floor before making inside the locker room just feet away. Bless his heart!


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