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The Braxton Sisters, sans Toni Braxton, are featured in VIBE for the Summer Celeb Swimwear photo shoot. Plus check out a sneak peek of the reunion show that will air tonight on WE at 8 PM (CT), plus the season finale. Yes! Both the season finale and the reunion show will air in one night. The finale will feature Papa Braxton battling it out with Evelyn (Mama) Braxton, over his ten year affair with another woman. Mama Braxton was ready to put the grits on the stove.

Check out more pics and the sneak peek footage…

Check out a clip of Towanda and Tamar finally having it out. Tamar’s mouth too slick, and Towanda has had enough, and snaps back. DRAMA!

Last but not least is a clip from the reunion show that will follow the season finale. Let me just say I’m glad I don’t have that many sisters.

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