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So Amber Rose Got Caught Leaking Her Own Pictures Again…(PROOF) In The Shoes

Today Amber Rose went on twitter to call herself a victim of a horrible crime. Nude pics of Amber Rose were leaked again, and MTO of all places had the leaked pictures, again. Amber Rose got on twitter to express her discuss and outrage about the leak pictures, calling blogs evil. Mind you most blogs didn’t even post the pictures, and it probably wouldn’t have created a buzz if she didn’t talk about it on twitter. Anyway while expressing her outrage, she said the pics were two and the half years old, and someone who worked for her stole them. The only problem is that Miss Amber Rose is wearing shoes that came out just one year ago in May of 2010.  Those pics can’t be  two and half years old because the shoes are barely over a year.

I was gonna wait until my radio show to address this but I want to say this now. I trusted someone that worked 4 me & allowed them to use my laptop a million times, I caught this person sending my pics to themselves and I fired this person immediately Wiz & I & both of our families have known about this for 2 months now. We tried to prepare ourselves for this day. Those pictures r 2 1/2 years old just sitting in my computer. I’m really hurt & embarr#!@%*#ed because I have so many young girls that look up to me. I would never put those pics out of myself.

Thanks to The Chic Factory I was able to remember where I saw the shoes before. Anyway, Tash HUNC has the proof. The shoes shown below are the Ruthie Davis Beach Tri-Tone Multi Ankle Strappy Sandals.

Check out these same shoes that Amber Rose wore on the red carpet last year in May of 2010 to a party hosted by Nylon Magazine. They look just like the ones she has on in the new leaked nude pics on MTO (below)

These shoes were also featured on Necole Bitchie on May 14th, and on Entertainment Rundown as well on May 13th.

First of all, how many nude pics will be leaked of this one person? You would think she would erase them all by now.

Secondly, who keeps old nude pics on their computer that they sent to an ex-man while they’re with a new man (Wiz Khalifa)?

Thirdly, why does MTO keep getting the pics or World Star Hip Hop? Same difference...Can I get the leak exclusive. I once was a Amber Rose fan.

Lastly, why go on twitter to act like a victim knowing your shoes can’t be two and half years old? We all know Kanye West money had to buy those shoes.

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