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Whitney Houston Back In Rehab! Waiting To Exhale

Whitney Houston is back in rehab, but not for drugs or alcohol! According to TMZ, the singer has checked herself into an out-patient rehabilitation program, but it’s not what we think according sources close to the singer.

Find out what’s really going on  when you continue. When I read the words Whitney and rehab my heart jumped. I’m glad to know it’s not what we were thinking…

A source directly connected with Whitney tells us … Houston enrolled in the program around 10 days ago.  The program allows Houston to go out in public … as long as she has a monitor.

Just last weekend, Houston was enjoying herself at a Prince concert in L.A. … with her daughter right by her side.

Our source is not saying why Houston is seeking treatment … but insists it’s not drug or alcohol related.

We’re told, “She’s cleansing herself to get ready for a new movie.

I bet that movie role is Waiting to Exhale 2.

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