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Meet Tofo Tofo: The Beyonce African Dancers

The hottest part of Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls) video, in my opinion, was the opening dance scene…You know the part where Beyonce does the  shoulder-work in gorilla fur vest.  I think the whole video should just have included more incredible dance moves with members of Tofo Tofo, the Mozambican kwaito dance group in the video. There are three members in the group, but only two appeared in the video. Although we know the group is called Tofo Tofo,  the actual names of the dancers haven’t been published.

Beyonce and her team discovered Tofo Tofo on Youtube, and tracked them down in Mozambique to be in her video. In order to find the dancers Beyonce’s team had to enlist the help of the Mozambique embassy.

I feel like we really nailed it and, again, my hats off to the Tofo Tofo guys [from Africa], ’cause none of us could imitate that.  We had to bring them around to learn that [move], which is really, really interesting. They had such a great vocabulary of movement.” {read more at Concrete Loop}

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