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Video Love & Hip-Hop Reunion: Should Chrissy Just Leave Jim Jones & Ms, Nancy

Jim Jones’ mother, bless her heart, is a difficult woman. Any woman, such as Chrissy, that wants to be with Jim Jones must first go through Ms. Nancy. Last night, my heart really went out to Chrissy when she said she was tired,  tired of fighting just to be with Jim Jones.  I don’t blame her for being tired. I was just hoping Jim Jones would open his eyes (literally) and stand up for himself and for his relationship. Ms. Nancy is verbally abusive and she kept throwing jabs at ChrissyCheck it out for yourself! Chrissy has been with Jim Jones for seven years, so imagine seven years with Ms. Nancy without a ring on your finger.

This is the full episode, to watch the Chrissy V Jim Jones V Ms Nancy drama, fast forward to the 52:00 mark: (heartbreaking)

{via Mr World Premiere}

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