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Keyshia Cole & Trina Beefing With BET Awards

Keyshia Cole and Rapper Trina, were not happy when the BET nominations were revealed. They didn’t receive a single nomination from BET for a BET Award. Honestly, I can’t really think of a reason why they should have been chosen over the other nominees. It’s not fair, but it’s the business!

I love Keyshia Cole, but I’m having a hard time remembering just one single from her latest album, and I didn’t realize Trina actually dropped an album, I thought we were waiting for a release date and an interview. With little promotion and airplay, I really don’t see why these two women would go on twitter to bash BET as if they should be nominated because of their past success. Keyshia Cole really took it hard, and although this album wasn’t her best, IMO, I still think she is very talented. I can’t wait for her next album:

Honestly, I’m hoping Marsha Ambrosia takes home best R&B Female singer, but somehow I feel like Beyonce or Rihanna will win. I agree with Keyshia Cole, it does seem like the same people keep getting nominated, but in their defense they stay running the charts. Anyway check out the rest of Keyshia Cole’s tweets, and see what Rapper Trina had to say about Best Female Rap category…

Trina words were a little less artful, and she definitely gets straight to the point of how she feels:

Well there you go…

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