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Fonzworth Bentely: Surprisingly Charming & Spiritually Unique

MrsGrapevine.com caught up with Fonzworth Bentely to discuss his latest music adventure. During the process I learned a lot of new things about the mufti-talented artist. One of the most unique things about Derek Watkins, “Mr. Bentley”, is that he speaks in metaphors; nothing is simple and everything can be broken down into an analogy. He’s very quick witted, and WILL turn the interview on you if you miss a step. We talked about everything from marriage, to having a cancerous tumor the size of a volleyball,  his faith in Christ, his first job, and his love of music.

Fonzworth Bentely, named after the character Bootney Farnsworth from the old school movie, Let’s Do It Again, starring Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby, just dropped his mixtape C.O.U.L.O.R.S (Cool Outrageous Lovers Of Uniquely Raw Style).  When asked if he finds it hard transitioning as a solo music artist, he replies, “Not really!”

What people may not know is that Mr. Bentley started off in music, playing the violin since the age of two via the Suzuki method, and singing in a local boy’s choir in Atlanta. Not to mention working as Diddy’s assistant and hanging around the likes of Kanye West and Andre 3000 has only helped him to understand the music industry inside out. Fonzworth Bentley has spent the last seven years writing and working on his sound. Many hip-hop blogs were surprisingly impressed by the quality of his skills, “They were probably looking for something they could talk about or laugh  about,” he says, but instead they were charmed.

Here are a few pics of Fonzworth Bentley performing live at ATL Live On the Park.

[Click Pics to Enlarge]

Last year rumors hit the internet that Fonzworth Bentley was engaged and getting married to actress, Fuane Chambers (Watkins), most known for her role as Dorothy Baker in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Faune is pictured below with her husband at ATL Live On the Park). It’s been almost a year since the couple has been married, and Bentley describes his wife as his “rib”; a biblical reference to Adam and Eve’s union, and  just like a rib comforts and protects the vital organs so that they want be exposed, his wife does the same for him. He describes his first year of marriage as fantastic, and feels a sense of completion.

The most surprising thing about Fonzworth Bentley is his relationship with Christ. On the autobiographical song  Believe It, featuring Faith Evans, Bentley talks about being diagnosed with a malignant tumor the size of a volley ball, and how God delivered and healed him from the cancer. He has a scar on his stomach, but sees it as a beautiful sign of God’s amazing power. I asked him why aren’t so many people in the business openly sharing their religion, and he had this to say, “Religion is divisive, but spirituality resonates with most people. I don’t know how people can be apart of this business without spirituality or a belief in the Creator.” He also describes his music as Kingdom Music, and talks about his ability to counsel people through his words. He’s the type of person that people unload their troubles onto, and he always seems to have the right words to help them through their struggles, which is evident in his music. Everything he talks about in the song, Believe It, is real. He even accused me of not listening to the song, because I wasn’t sure if the song was just telling a story that sounds good, or if it was genuinely revealing his life experiences. He let it be known that it’s the latter.

Speaking of music, Bentley seems to think music is in a good place right now, and has an interesting take on today’s music:

Hip-hop is in it’s punk stage, like rock had it’s funk stage. New and exciting ideas. Music is in very exciting place. Music is in the artist hand, they are no longer pigeoned toed. People are searching for new vibes, new sounds, and new cool. People are selling out shows without being on the radio. I’m not making songs for the radio. It would be nice to make it to the radio, but you can be successful without it. Word of mouth works, and oh, my website.

Lasly, I asked Fonzworth Bentley about his first job. It seems he was a life guard at Thomsaville Pool in Atlanta. He also ran the pool behind Greenbriar, and made really good money doing so. He’s not surprised that saving lives was his first job, it seems to be a prophetic theme in his life, or should I say a metaphor for his personality; life coaching and life saving.

Listen to Fonzworth Bentley online at The Real Mr Bentley.

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