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Surprise! Evelyn Lozada Gets A Raise…

Evelyn Lozada will be returning to Basketball Wives worth twice as much as before. I guess her “threats” to leave the show really paid off, and all the drama she caused last season wasn’t in vain. This can only mean one thing, season 3 will be the best season ever!!!

Get the details according to TMZ…

Evelyn Lozada got a HUGE raise before she struck a deal with VH1 to stay on board for Season 3 of “Basketball Wives” — in fact, we’re told she more than DOUBLED her old salary.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ, Evelyn didn’t get the $20k per episode she demanded … but we’re told she’s “very happy” with the counter-offer.

But Evelyn didn’t just get a pay bump — we’re told Producers also APOLOGIZED to Lozada for the way she was portrayed in the Season 2 finale … a huge reason why Evelyn was hesitant to re-sign with the network.

We’re told Lozada — who threatened to leave the show after she felt the producers backstabbed her — is happy with the new deal … and shooting is already underway. {via TMZ}

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