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Oh Snap! Star Jones Calls NeNe Leakes “A Pig”

Star Jones and NeNe Leakes need to have their on reality show together because this Celebrity Apprentice drama is just as crazy as Donald Trump and his run for Presidentbirther style. NeNe Leakes has been very vocal about her disdain for Star Jones, while Star Jones has decided to take the high road of subliminal jabs. Well, this time around, Star Jones is ready to get dirty and fight it out with the pig:

You never get involved in a pig fight,” Star tells me. “If you do, three things happen: you get dirty, you get tired, and only the pig has fun. It diminishes me to talk about her. I have so many other things going on in my life.

That’s not all she had to say in her subliminal rant, she also calls NeNe Leakes crazy…

Star Jones has done everything in her power not to go down the same destructive road as fellow ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ star, NeNe Leakes, and has purposely avoided trashing her fellow contestants. But after Sunday’s episode, where NeNe inflicts some personal attacks on La Toya Jackson, Star has unleashed the guns.

Star says that in the heat of the action on ‘Celebrity Apprentice, when she’s fired up most,’ she has to stop herself from really going off.

“In my heart, I think ‘pray, don’t act crazy, your grandmother is watching, your sorority sisters are watching, you were raised better than this.'”

On Sunday’s episode, NeNe landed the ultra-low blow by telling La Toya: “The only reason you’ve gotten this far is because of your last name.”

The former ‘The View’ host and author of ‘Satan’s Sisters’ says she knows there are people across the country that look to her to set a good example. “I know there are people that value my opinion,” she says. “Plus, I’m not 20 minutes off the pole.” {Source}

All this in the name of charity. There is a lucky charitable organization out there, who are happy to have women fight this hard for their cause.

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