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Rihanna Talks Finding Love; Hating Khloe & Lamar

Rihanna called into the Ryan Seacrest show to promote the remix of S&M with Britney Spears. During the interview, Ryan Seacrest got Rihanna to talk about Khloe & Lamar, and why they make her want to barf in a good way:

Beside me being single, it makes it really difficult to watch Khloe and Lamar, they’re so in love. They’re so cute! It really is great to see a little bit into their personal lives because people are so judgmental from the outside in, but really and truly, they have a magical connection. And, it was really special to see that.

…Which is why I hate them (laughs)

Rihanna also talks about men being intimidated by her, and how she wants to find a man not afraid to put her in her place (girl watch them words, those are usually the psycho ones). How about one that respects and treats you well and that’s very secure in their skin, you can always put yourself in your place #justsaying…

Are men intimidated by you:

Not to sound crazy but yes. I think that’s very diffilcult because it’s a lot for them to handle. Especially being in the public’s eye. It could be difficult, it could be tricky. But there’s going to be someone that’s not intimdated, and not afraid to put in my place.

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