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Pooch Hall & Meagan Good Jumping The Broom In Atlanta

Meagan Good and Pooch Hall hit the ATL to promote their new film Jumping the Broom, in theaters May 6th. Meagan Good and Pooch Hall spent some time with students at Clark Atlanta University (CAU), which turned into a media frenzy, and left one student in tears upon meeting Meagan Good.

Lots more pics when you continue, plus Megan Good talks about her ambitions in film, and guess which two singers she wants to play in biopic…

Meagan Good talked about the movie of course, but she also reveals that she wants to play Aaliyah in a biopic:

In other topics, Meagan also went on to express that even though she still would love to portray Aaliyah in a biographical feature, it will most likely not happen.  She stated that the family is still very sensitive about the topic of the late songstress, and a film will not see the light of day anytime soon.  However, Good did state that she has reached out to Whitney Houston about bringing the singer’s story to the big screen. {Thanks Bryson Jones}

Pooch Hall talks about the film and being star struck when he first met Angela Basset:

Pooch Hall stated that the film’s message about the keys to merging different families and having a successful marriage was “communication and…keep the positive people around you.”  This is a definite theme in “Jumping the Broom”.  As two families from different socioeconomic backgrounds are brought together when the bride and groom decide to get married in an abrupt manner.   Pooch went on to delightfully discuss how was star struck to work with the legend,  Angela Bassett, mentioning that no one should never assume that actors are not fans of other actors.  Pooch took the time to give kudos to Meagan while answering questions.  He feels that his co-star is an up and coming star in Hollywood and looks forward to working with her again (the two also were both featured on BET’s ‘The Game’).  Hall’s kind words made Good tear up at that moment.

After Clark Atlanta, Meagan Good and Pooch Hall had a meet and greet dinner at Strip in Atlantic Station.

Check out all the pics from the events below:

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