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Discussion: Is President Obama A Closet Republican? Has Your Opinion Of Him Changed?

Is President Obama a closet Republican? Many Liberals and Democrats believe he is, and they have facts to back it up (tax cuts, Libya strike, budget cuts, and no public option).  While the Conservatives and Tea Party are painting the President as this radical socialist communist liberal policy maker, his record doesn’t line up with a socialist or liberal for that matter, and if we’re honest it doesn’t even line-up with the Democrats at times.

At this point I think his nickname and legacy should be The Great Compromiser. I like the President, I really do, and I will vote for him again because no one else is running, and because I just want to see him fight and fight hard for just one Liberal principle that he ran his previous election on. Just one! I want to know that he is tough and can stand his ground on principles for principle sake. I guess I just need to know that he truly believes in one thing, and that it’s worth fighting for. It needs to be something that is part of his party’s platform, and not the Conservative platform.

Has your view of Obama changed (be honest)? Are you voting for him again, and why or why not?

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