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Last night the R&B stars came out for another ATL Live On the Park event produced by Shanti Das and Marlon Nichols, and hosted by Gentlemen Jack. R&B stars like Tyrese, Dondria, Pebbles, Brandon Casey for Jagged Edge, Q Parker from 112, Nicci Gilbert from Brownstone, plus Kelly Price who performed, along with new comers Hamilton Park, Anoop Desai from American Idol, and Anthony David. Check out this fun filled evening with lots of pics for our MrsGrapevine.com readers. It’s great to see all of these artist, it’s like R&B is underground.

[Dondria & Kelly Price]

[Q Parker of 112 & Wife Sharlinda Parker]

[Tyrese In the Crowd]

Lots more pics when you continue, plus a few blasts from the past…

[Singer and Manager Pebbles]

[Brandon Casey from Jagged Edge]

[Kelly Price performing]

[Nicci Gilbert from Brownstone]

[Shanti Das in the purple]

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