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Da Brat in first interview with VIBE since her release from jail, describes Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon as “real friends”. When asked who was the most surprising visit, Da Brat exclaimed:

Mariah and Nick surprised me! I saw someone from their crew and said ‘Oh ish!’ I would’ve never thought that she would’ve came, she’s so girly! But that’s what real friends do.

Da Brat also reveals how she learned Mariah Carey was pregnant with twins, and how Mariah Carey confided in her about the first miscarriage. Da Brat also talks about why Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are made for each other.

How did you find out about Mariah’s pregnancy?

Oh man! I talk to Mariah often and her and Nick came to see me. I knew about the miscarriage and I know she’s having the twins. And I know she only wanted to do it one time. They are like the cutest couple, they both are eternally 12. I swear! They’re big kids.

Read the full interview and find out how Da Brat spent her days in jail and how Tyrese pics kept her spirits up.

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