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Amber Rose Upset Over Negativity; Goes Off On Twitter

Amber Rose is upset that people are bashing her when she’s genuinely a nice person. She’s upset that she’s earned a reputation as a vixen for lack of a better word. But is she a victim, or does she use her sexually to make her more popular?  I like Amber Rose, and she does seem to be linked romantically to every guy that’s she seen with, and that’s not fair. But, while trying to diffuse rumors on twitter, she accidentally started more. There is a double standard when it comes to sexuality, and unfortunately Amber Rose will not escape her past as a stripper, especially when she uses her body for publicity.

It’s not about the number of people you’ve been with, it’s about how guys perceive you. If they see you as a statistic, then they will treat you like one. It’s not fair, but unfortunately that’s the how it is…More tweets from Amber Rose when you continue and it all started from Media Take Out suggesting she was once a “prostitute”…

Noticeably missing off her list is Reggie Bush, didn’t Kanye West write some lyrics about that relationship in the Deuces remix, and didn’t she take a swipe at Kim Kardashian while dating Reggie Bush, and didn’t she give Reggie Bush a lap dance at a football party.

I really don’t think Amber Rose needs to explain herself. It’s her business and it’s her life. As long as she knows the difference, that’s what matters. I once heard a great quote, “It’s not what they call you, sweetheart, it’s what you answer to.”

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