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Mary Harvey had a chance to voice her opinion after all these years via Youtube, and according to a Texas state court in McKinney, her opinions are full of lies. I didn’t understand why Mary Harvey wasn’t allowed access to the media about her relationship with Steve Harvey. Now, I know why!

It wasn’t that Steve Harvey wanted to keep her silent, it was that Mary Harvey was just telling blatant lies to hurt Steve and his family for whatever reasons. Reasons still unknown other than just complete envy and jealousy. The cheating rumors weren’t really addressed, but Steve Harvey did not leave her broke or homeless. In fact, Mary was sitting real pretty with three houses and $40,000 a month until she messed up and sent her son away.

I do think Mary should have access to the media, but not to tell lies. In this case Steve Harvey was wronged. Hear what Steve Harvey lawyer had to say about the matter, and in the future, just handle it in the court and not on the airways.

From Entertainment Rundown:

The judge granted Steve a temporary injunction against Mary’s YouTube videos (as I reported yesterday they were taken down) and set contempt of court hearing for March 10, 2011.  It will then be to decided if Mary should be punished for violating the gag order. Steve’s lawyer, Bobbie Edmonds released the following statement on the ruling:

(1) Mary Lee Harvey was not left homeless or evicted from her home and was awarded three (3) homes in their property settlement;

(2) Steve Harvey did not take, withhold or turn the child against Mary Harvey;

(3) Mary Harvey willingly placed the child on an airplane and sent him to Mr. Harvey without his knowledge;

(4) Steve Harvey has primary custody of the 13 year old child;

(5) Steve Harvey did not take Mary Harvey’s wealth. She received $40,000 per month until March 2009;

(6) Mary Harvey then received $1.5 million in March 2009;

(7 ) The 2005 divorce was granted on irreconcilable differences and his current wife was not apart of the original divorce proceeding nor was she the cause of the marital break-up.

Click here to view more of the actual legal documents, which the judge allowed Harvey to print.

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