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Love him or hate him Kanye West unfortunately speaks his minds. He’s like the Sarah Palin of hip-hop, you cringe at what he will say next but you’re somewhat fascinated with the media attention he draws. Not shy to controversial statements, Kanye West decides to reveal his opinion on abortions after a racial billboard picture made its way around the blogs. Ladies hold on to your seats because this one might blow you away:

Wow! First off it takes two to get pregnant, even if it’s an accident or on purpose, anytime two people have relations, the end result is always potentially a baby. My advice to Kanye West is to close his legs, and perhaps go after the gold diggers who are saving it for carats, instead of the ones found in the strip club who are already hungry and thirsty for coins. Speaking of strip clubs, check out his latest swipe at his ex, Amber Rose. He’s clearly not over her…

Amber put it on him, didn’t she? He stay talking about Amber Rose, and she has moved down to a rap apprentice status.

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