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Rihanna Has The Flu!

Bad news, singer Rihanna has come down with the flu, right before her big Grammy weekend. Rihanna had to cancel a charity gig at the last minute due to the flu, but don’t worry Cee-Lo Green was there to fill in for the pop star.

Don’t worry the pop star should be healed by Sunday so that we can see her perform live at Grammy. Get the details from E! Online when you continue…

Say it isn’t so! The nasty flu bug gets all of us and right now it looks like it’s hit rock star Rihanna. She called out sick to perform five songs last night at a gala. Organizers were informed a few hours before the event that she was too sick to make it. Will she recover in time for the Grammys this Sunday night?According to E! Online, she was supposed to sing at the Unforgettable Evening gala to benefit the Women’s Cancer Research Fund. Merely a few hours before the event they received word that Rihanna wasn’t going to be able to make it.

Cee Lo was available at the last minute to pinch hit for Rihanna. Her reps said, “Rihanna is so disappointed. She was excited about tonight, but has the flu and couldn’t perform.” Let’s hope she gets better in time for the Grammys!

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