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Rihanna & Ciara Kiss And Make Up After Heated Twitter Beef

I am at the point that everything that causes media buzz amongst celebrities is planned and calculated. Calculated or not, watching Rihanna and Ciara fight on twitter is entertaining to a degree. In this exchange I can see Rihanna is emotional first and reasonable second, a lot like myself, however Rihanna and her minions went for the jugular when they talked about Ciara not being able to book a stage. Ouch!

Anyway, this cat fight ended just as fast as it begun with Rihanna doing a 180 and apologizing for hurting Ciara’s feelings in public. It must be a full moon or something. This could have been handled off the main line, but then it wouldn’t have been on all the blogs or in MSM.

Side Note: Them Rihanna stans go hard, I had a Ragedy Anne looking one (yes “he” photoshopped Rihanna’s red hair onto his avatar) come after me this week with album sales and Rihanna statistics, when I  kindly pointed out that Milli Vanilli also won a Grammy and sold millions of albums, I think I made him even madder.

With that said and done, meet Fenty4L, and his attack on Ciara. Someone tell him, it’s not that serious, it’s just twitter:

Disclaimer: I love Rihanna the person, I don’t always like Rihanna the musician. I will critique her performances and music as compared to her peers, but that does not mean that I think she deserved to be assaulted or disrespected as a human being. If I say something positive about Chris Brown it’s in regards to his music or how the media is treating him, and not what happened during the assault.

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