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Rapper Scarface Jailed For Child Support Failure Since October

According to XXL, legendary rapper Scarface is in jail, and has been in jail since October 31, 2010. How is it that no one knew? I noticed he’s been quiet since the Vh1 Hip Hop Honors the South, but I didn’t know part of that silence had to do with county jail. It seems the rapper, fell behind on some child support payments, by some, I mean four different counts:

Details of the when you continue…

XXLMag.com has confirmed with the Montgomery County Jail in Texas that Scarface is currently incarcerated for failure to pay child support in four separate cases.

A rep for the jail told XXL that ’Face is being held for incidents in Harris County, Montgomery County, Fort Bend County and the state of Missouri.

In addition he is being held for a federal case, in which the exact charges are unknown as of press time.

Facemob, who has been in custody since October 13, is being held without bail. {Source}

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