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Did Prince Put Kim Kardashian In Her Place Or Was He Rude?

Prince had a concert last night at Madison Square Garden and thanks to twitter, we heard it was hot. Kim Kardashian tweeted that Prince asked her to join him on stage, we all know Prince like a beautiful exotic woman…and then a few moments later, everyone else tweeted that Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off the stage. Why?

Prince basically just said he has no use for Kim Kardashian if she can’t shake her assets on stage.  Is that all she’s good for? But wait that’s not how the story ends! It seems the new Prince believes in second chances, and… invited Kim Kardashian back on stage to shake it…This time she played her role. The only problem, there are plenty of videos of her getting kicked off the stage, but none of her actually dancing. She does remind me of Appolonia, or is it Vanity?

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