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MrsGrapevine.com Exclusive Interview: Royce Reed Talks Shaunie O’Neal & Cast Of Basketball Wives

Why listen to what the promoter of the event has to say who wasn’t even involved with the drama, when you can get the truth straight from the horses mouth. If I’m not mistaken the event was canceled due to lack of promotion and turn out. Anyway, Royce Reed went on to the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries party and had a fabulous time. My job as owner of this blog to try to get as many of the facts as possible, and I wouldn’t leak information if I didn’t feel the source was honest or legit.

MrsGrapevine.com spoke exclusively with Royce Reed about her relationship with fellow Basket Wives cast members, and more importantly we talked about Shaunie O’Neal shopping for Royce’s replacement on the show. In an open and HONEST interview, Royce Reed tells her side of the story and sets the record straight. The more I learn about her the more I like. #TeamRoyce leggo! Special thanks to Royce’s publicist Love S Logan.

[Royce Reed at Rolling Stone LA party hosted by Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries]

What happened from last season to this season that lead to all this tension between you and fellow castmates? At the end of season one, it seems like everyone became closer and you finally became a part of the Evelyn clique.

RR: I honestly have no idea. I believe last season I established real relationships with the girls on a respect level but I wouldn’t call it a friendship. We hadn’t been around each other or gone through enough to say that. However, now I believe it’s gotten to the point of personalities clashing & things are getting more and more real.

Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams decided not to attend your charity event, obviously you were hurt by this, but did they ever apologize off camera, or give you a legitimate explanation for not showing?

RR: They did apologize off camera & I accepted it. It’s not like they slapped my mama so why hold a grudge. I don’t have time to dwell on things I can’t change. That was their decision & they missed a great show.

Do you think they were creating drama to steal the spotlight from your event?

RR: I’m not sure. I think when you have a group of women whose personalities are totally different you’re going to get drama anyway so I can’t say they were creating it on purpose or to steal the spotlight. I think it was generally the way they felt at that moment.

During the following episode, you said people are starting to refer them as twins “evil and wicked.” There is definitely a noticeable difference in behavior from last season, what is up with that? It certainly sparked rumors that they were trying to get their own reality spin off.

RR: I haven’t heard that about their spinoff but it wouldn’t surprise me. I’d probably watch though just to see how many people they can make cry or want to fight them. hahaha.

Sometimes Basketball Wives seems like it’s the Evelyn show. Evelyn seems to be the ring leader and Jennifer just follows along, and now Shaunie. Does Jennifer ever stand up to Evelyn? Does she ever stand up for anything?

RR: No comment. What you see it what it is. But I will say if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything & timberrrrrrr.

For two seasons now, many of the viewers feel like everyone has been picking on Royce from the start. Shaunie and the other women, claim you are not what you seem on camera, yet we haven’t seen one clip on the show where you have done something wrong to other cast members, well except maybe Gloria Govan. So is it that we are not seeing the bad side, or is what we see when it comes to Royce is what we get? What do we need to know about Royce that’s not shown both good and bad?

7.      Do you feel any empathy for Gloria Govan and how she was picked on last season, now that the tables are turned, or is that relationship just done?

RR: I do but you have to remember our fall out was due to her talking behind my back. Regardless of how I found out I did & I was hurt. I was the only 1 who stood up for her & tried to build a friendship so it bothered me more coming from her because I actually liked her. My issues with Gloria are honestly not that deep to where I’d say we couldn’t squash the drama but we will see. Life is too short to dwell on the small sh!t.

8.      Yesterday, Shaunie O’Neal dropped a bomb on us all and said she was shopping for a Royce’s replacement? She said producers have a hard time connecting you to the show and it didn’t make good business. To your knowledge is this true? Is it really business or personal? You seem to have a Team Royce that’s loud and strong.

RR: That’s the 1st I heard of that so I was shocked. For the most part I respected everyone as much as they respected me & I am actually cool with everyone else. I do love my fans & I appreciate all their support.

9.      There are lots of rumors going around about what caused the fall out between you and Shaunie. What happened? Was it really over a man? Was it because of her character change this season over last? Was it because of the reunion show?

RR: I don’t understand that at all. I said from day 1 that I signed up for a reality show & I vowed to keep it 100% real. Nothing I say or do is fake in my mind. I’m far from perfect & I make my mistakes. I’m human like everyone else. I think I’m more real than even what you see on camera. I actually do stand up for myself more than they show. To say that I’m not the person portrayed on camera would be discrediting the show as “reality.” Editing is not THAT good to where you can make someone a totally different person. I am not reading a script. Royce is not a character in a movie. Takes more energy to be someone you’re not, this is not a Steven Spielburg film.

RR: That is hilarious to me. Marlon & I have never even held a real conversation. I’ve seen him probably a total of 5 or 6 times during filming & it’s always just been hello. We don’t even hug or handshake. Whoever started that 1 was reaching & I believe attempting to start drama for no reason. We don’t even tweet or follow each other on Twitter let alone have each other’s phone number. Also, y’all should’ve known it was a lie from the start when they said he bought me expensive shoes when y’all KNOW I love my Nikes. As far as any reason for Shaunie & I falling out, I had no idea. I thought we were straight.

10.   Finally, Shaunie O’Neal said she has no ill-feelings toward you, but then called you irrelevant to the NBA, and not relevant in life. Those are some powerful words from someone you once had a relationship with and as a woman I know how it makes me feel when another woman says you have no relevancy. How did it make you feel? Where do you go from here?

RR: That definitely hit me a little bit but opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. I have always held and had my own. I am a Floria A & M University graduate. I have a Theatre Education & Humanities degree that I am using. My relevancy to the NBA is a job. I danced for 2 teams a total of 3 years. I was far more than a 4 year girlfriend & I believe that makes me more relevant than most. I have a book series coming out called College Girls that I wrote 100% by myself with no ghost writer. I’m about to do a 14 city tour for a stage play in which I’m a main character. I have my dance company Fantashique & my non profit organization called Dance To Live which piggy backs off the Michelle Obama campaign for healthy kids. So basically I’m doing a lot more than this show & people respect that. Best way to prove someone wrong is to do you. Success is the best revenge.

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