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So Meagan Good Wants To Play Whitney Houston In A Biopic

During a recent interview with VIBE Magazine, Actress Megan Good reveals her ultimate goal in acting is to play Whitney Houston in a biopic. Honestly, right now I can’t see it, but down the line after some coaching and some bigger roles, it’s possible. The biggest role I’ve seen Megan Good in thus far is in Eve’s Bayou. I like Megan Good and would like to see her in more roles, other than the wifey type, but Hollywood is not always fair.

You’ve spoken on wanting to portray Aaliyah is there any one else you think you could pull of well?

I’m kind of coming to the acceptance that maybe that might not happen. Right now, I’m focused on doing Whitney Houston’s life story.

Read the rest from her interview with VIBE when you continue. Megan Good is really a unique person. She talks about her singing career, her faith as a Christian, being teased about wearing the same outfits, growing up with Natalie Nunn, and about her aspirations as actress.

Is that something that’s actually in the works? Or is that just your personal dream role?

That’s my personal dream role. I grew up with Ray J. I know a lot of people that know her. I think it’s something that can definitely be a realization should I sit down with her and start developing it. Even though I know her story’s definitely not done by any means, I think what she’s already been through and to come out on the other side is a story all in itself.

Why do you think you’d be perfect to knock [Whitney Houston] that out?
Because I just feel her. I feel like people don’t know who she really is. And for some reason I feel close to her. I feel like I get the essence of who she is behind closed doors. And I think that I could portray her well in a way that she would be happy, God willing.

Why did your feelings on when to get married started to change?
I think because right around my birthday last year, I felt that I had been reborn in a way and I felt that God was really calling me to focus more on him and to be more in love with him, and to let him be my man. It was different for me because I hadn’t felt it that that way in any point of my life, so right now I’m really focused on what my purpose is.

Regarding a girl group…There’s always strength in numbers for sure.
Absolutely and with the different type of personalities, the one thing that I’ve learned as a Christian is that for every person that I try to talk to, I may have the personality that they may respond to, but in other cases, I may not have that personality, but Myia might have it, or Amy might have it, or Sterling might have it. And when you have that many different type personalities across the board, we know that we can be effective no matter where we go.

I don’t think many people expect you to be so vocally spiritual about God.
And that’s the thing, but someone like you and me are going to be talking to someone in the bathroom at the club that may not even step foot in church may change their mind based on the fact that they met another Christian who’s not judging them, who may have had a drink that evening, who is crazy and fun, but they’re still a woman of God and they’re still doing everything in their power to be the best they can be. But for me personally, I know I’m called to the street. That’s where God wants me to minister. Other people might look at me and say, “She’s been in men’s magazines.” Yeah, but as a result I can talk to other girls who’ve done men’s magazines and felt like God didn’t love them. I can say to them, “No sweetheart, Jesus loves you.”

How would you rate yourself as a singer?
My sister definitely has the powerhouse voice. It is a lot of singing, but it’s also a lot of rapping as well. I don’t know how I would rate myself as a singer. I know I can sing. I’ve always been able to. I’ll have to let the girls rate me.

How would you rate your rap skills?
My rap skills are pretty damn good.

Why does Meagan where the same shit every day?” What is your response to that?
I don’t really care. If something looks good to me and I spent my money on it I’m going to wear it as many times as I choose to, whether it’s my shoes, my earrings, my jeans. And what they don’t understand, the more they comment on it, the more you make me wear it. If you have something to say about my red lips, if I hear about it, I’m wearing red lips tomorrow and the whole week after that. Everybody’s different. Kim [Kardashian] loves to dress up, but that’s not me. I like to wear jeans and a t-shirt. I’m probably going to wear the same jeans and a t-shirt until I’m tired of seeing them, not when you’re tired of seeing them, but when I’m tired of seeing them.

I spoke to Natalie Nunn a couple of days ago and she mentioned that you two grew up together.

Yeah, the perception that people have of her on TV is not really who she is. I mean she is wild and willing to do whatever she wants to do to just be inappropriate, but she’s actually really a sweet girl at heart and when she was talking about her new show, she really wanted me to come on it and I was like, “No, Natalie, absolutely not.” She was like, “No, you can take me to church.” And I was like, “Yeah, I might come on one episode and take you to church.”

There’s lot more, so click here to read more of the interview…

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