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Lil Kim: Maybe It’s Menopause!

I am one that thinks Lil Kim deserved (past tense now) respect. I also felt like Nicki Minaj borrowed heavily from Lil Kim in order to become famous. Therefore I get how the beef started. I also feel the media was very quick to deem Nicki Minaj the new Queen of Hip Hop before her first album even dropped. But with that said and done, I can’t explain Lil Kim’s recent behavior, other than she’s showing early signs of menopause.

If Lil Kim would have just recorded Black Friday and release the video below, we would have had a cute little beef in hip-hop. Lil Kim would have saved her throne for another year, and we all would have picked sides, until the next battle. Then, we would be anticipating the next Lil Kim project.

BUT, after Lil Kim lied on titter and said she sold 113,000 copies of a “free” mix tape on Paypal for $9.99 in less than 24 hours, I quietly exited Team Lil Kim headquarters before the building burned down. Call me a flip-flopper, but I just can’t no longer explain Lil Kim or her actions, from her obvious change in appearance, skin tone, race, and mental state of mind. Perhaps it’s just the hormones! Nicki Minaj’s multiple personalities seem to be apart of her act. Lil Kim’s multiple personalities seem to be real.

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