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Discussion: Asian Men Don’t Like Black Women Because Black Women Are Not Good Women

I usually don’t post things like this. I just usually roll my eyes and keep it moving. But, Miss Jia just tweeted a post called, Black American Women Are Desperate, and after reading the post, it really struck a nerve. Basically, this woman of Ethiopian descent is telling us why black women can’t date outside their race. You will be shocked by her answer.

1. Majority of black women are not good women, are not eligible women, they don’t speak proper English and they are loud
2. Men outside the black race are not attracted to black women because they are desperate
3. Most people who are not black have a bad perception of black Americans
4. Majority of black women were raised in single parent homes and live in poor communities that are just violent
5. Black women are the most dangerous type of women to date because they only marry outside of their race for money
6. Most black women don’t have a sense of culture and cling to other races for validation, they want to be Asian or White
7. No one aspire to be like black Americans, NO ONE!

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