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Chris Brown Is Wondering Why People Leak Photos For Publicity

UPDATE: I mistakenly said nude photos instead of leaked photos and I meant to talk about both. Anyway, thanks for those that help me to get it straight. The point is why are nude photos being leaked and why are assault pics being leaked? Both types were leaked last time as well, thus the *sarcasm*. Sorry about the mix up continue on…

Unfortunately for Chris Brown, he says what everyone else is thinking. Unfortunate in that, Chris Brown takes the heat, while the rest of us can nod and agree. I’m with Breezy on this, how many pictures will be leaked from the same time period? When you become a media darling, it seems you can do no wrong and still be popular. With so many people leaking pics now-a-days for press, it’s hard to figure out what Chris Brown could be talking about *sarcasm*.

He’s going to get in trouble for saying it, but it needs to be said. Alis Aquilae pointed out that he’s referring to the pics of the assault, my bad I thought he was talking about all the nude ones.  Check out the rest of the tweet when you continue…

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