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Chris Brown Sulking Over Grammy Loss Or Telling The Truth?

I am a Chris Brown fan, so I do not know how to take his tweet regarding three losses last night at the Grammy Awards. Was he upset that many great artists lost their category, or was he upset that he lost to Usher, Sade, and Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys? Surely he can’t be upset that he lost to Sade. So that leaves Usher and Jay-Z?

Surely he’s not suggesting than one of the above winners took home the prize because they were brown nosing, right?

I hope the tweet just came out wrong, but it sounds like he’s sulking and that’s certainly not a good look. If he’d lost to Eminem and Rihanna, that I would understand, but Sade, Jay-Z, and Usher are talents to reckon with. The fact that Graffiti was nominated is surprising to me. The fact that his talent was recognized and not shunned, is a win within itself.

Maybe there is more to the story here. Maybe he’s upset at something else, perhaps the real  reason why he didn’t attend in the first place, instead of that bogus “conflict in schedule” statement his rep released.

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