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Cheryl Burke Admits Being Played By Chad Ochocinco

While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cheryl Burke finally admits that her relationship with Chad Ochocinco was more than just a professional one. Shocker! According to Cheryl Burke, the too were romantically involved but it all ended because Chad was a serial cheater. Again Shocker! And now there’s news to suggest that Ochocinco is only dating Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives for money and TV publicity. Triple Shocker! Word on the net is that Chad has another woman known as Chinky Paige on the side and she’s supposedly three months pregnant with his baby.

Couple Chad Ochocinco Cheryl Burke with Dancing the Stars

Find out the details to all the drama when you continue. Chad Ochocinco pretends to be a romantic devoted man, but his reputation is catching up. BTW what happened to the winner from Chad Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch on Vh1?

Cheryl Burke Opens up to Ellen:

Ellen: “You were denying that there was a romantic thing going on (with partner Chad Ochocinco) but there was some kind of romantic thing going on.”

Cheryl: “I mean, we had a fling. We worked so much together. We had great chemistry. But it was the same pattern I had in the past with my boyfriends in the past. He was just really unavailable to me. I just knew that didn’t work and I’ve moved on and he’s obviously moved on.”

Ellen: “Because he was dating other people at the same time? Is that right?”

Cheryl: “Well, you just look at his Twitter and see who he’s following and that speaks for itself.” {Entertainment Rundown}

Chad Ochocinco & Evelyn Lozada a fake couple:

So rumor has it that Chad Ochocinco has a girlfriend out in Philly. According to his girlfriend Paige, his relationship with Evelyn is FAKE and he’s just dealing with her for TV.  All the twitpics and Twitter flirting is for the cameras and media attention.

Page called up Power 99 in Philly and told Jonesy that she is 3 months PREGNANT with Chad Ochocino’s baby and is moving in with Chad soon. {Source}

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