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Chad Ochocinco Admits He Met Paige On Twitter, But Didn’t Smush

Chad Ochocinco is on the defense as rumors dropped yesterday that he has another woman on the side named “Chinky Paige”. Ochocinco, according to Paige,  is only engaged to Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives for publicity to promote their reality show. Behind the scenes Paige claims she is Chad’s girlfriend and she is three months pregnant with his child. Well, Ochocinco admits that he has sent a few messages to Paige via twitter, but he’s adamant that he never met Paige in real life.

All this drama started with Jonesy on Power 99 in Philly when Paige called in to the radio station set the record straight. People have reportedly seen Chad and Paige together at the mall on Valentine’s day, although Chad is telling TMZ he’s never seen Paige outside of twitter. Get his side of the story when you continue…

Chad Ochocinco loves messing with his Twitter fans … but the NFL superstar claims he NEVER messed around with a woman who told a Philly radio station she’s pregnant with his baby.

But sources close to Chad — who’s engaged to “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada — tell us Ochocinco is adamant the woman is merely giving birth to a BS rumor … because the two have never, ever met in person.

We’re told Ocho exchanged some Twitter messages with the woman more than a year ago … but insists nothing ever came from it.

When we called Ocho to ask about the story — he simply told us, “Child, please.”

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