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Celebrity Blogging Is A Dog Eat Dog World…My Blogging Advice

Rule number one is that you don’t have any friends in celebrity blogging! In order to out shine the next blog, people will damn near sell their souls. An extra page-view is another dollar. I receive  e-mails asking me for advise on becoming a celebrity blogger, and I finally have my answer. Keep to yourself as much as possible, avoid cliques, and remember not to take anything personal, and if you steal a story link a story.

Rule number two, ALL bloggers steal or have stolen photos or story angles, and if they tell you otherwise they are lying like Fox News! Just because they are “legit” now, doesn’t mean they were always “legit”. If something works well for you, someone else will take it and try to make it better for them. It’s like Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim, except you have to decide if you’re going to evolve like Nicki or breakdown on social media like Lil Kim. Point is people steal and try to out do you, take it as a challenge and find away to use it to your advantage.

Rule number three, all money ain’t good money! Over the years I have seen bloggers come and go and rise and fall, some of them were great bloggers. All the while I have managed to stay somewhere in the middle close enough to the top, but not too popular, but definitely not unknown. I make enough money that I could support myself on my own if I wasn’t married, but not enough where I would have to cross others to keep the money flowing. I am fortunate enough to have people to tell me when I have crossed lines and when I need to return to my lane, and I appreciate my blog family. Some of those that stay on top do so at a cost to other hard-working bloggers, and when they read this post they will just laugh and keep it moving. Anyway, I like to see people succeed but please don’t do it with your slip showing, or better yet you horns!

Rule number four, just do you! So if you are going to be a celebrity blogger have a thick skin because the same things that you dish out to celebrities will comeback to you and often times it will be your peers. If you are going to blog, be a hustler, hit the pavement grinding,  set a personal line of morality. Each line is different from blogger to blogger. If you find yourself crossing that line more and more…then you may have just reached your peak…or you’re on the verge of selling out.

Rule number five, it’s not always about you! Don’t try to figure out who this blog is about, because it’s not about any one blog or blogger, it’s about an atmosphere, and sometimes I am apart of that same atmosphere. For all you know this could be a personal letter to myself or my reality check. Anyway, for me to have beef or to call someone else out would be like the pot calling the kettle black. Besides, I am the type to handle it offline because I’m not thirsty.

In closing, celebrity blogging is definitely not for the weak. It’s over saturated and naturally the strong will dominate. Not to mention, sometimes it’s just hard work. Just like in real life the mainstream media is much better at pulling together for the bottom line than us.

P.S. -If you feel like I shaded you or have done something to offend, it was certainly not my intention. I have an open communication policy so you can DM me on twitter, or hit me up via Facebook message, or any of the contact e-mails listed on this page.

There are some very cool bloggers out there and I have been blessed to form partnerships with them over the years, and look forward to many more. Know the difference between partnerships and friendships. Not to be all negative I so have some bloging friends.

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