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Dear MrsGrapevine: Royce Reed & Basket Wives Drama For All Star Weekend

MrsGrapevine.com has exclusively learned that there really is some beef and tension between Basketball Wives cast members. So perhaps some of what we see on reality TV is real. Anyway Royce Reed is hosting a party during All Star Weekend in Los Angeles, and we just learned that Shaunie O’Neal, Gloria Govan, Evelyn Lozada, and Jennifer Williams have been banned from attending any events associated with Royce Reed or her reps. Tensions are so high between the cast mates that anyone who is beefing with Royce will not even be allowed on the guest list, and something tells me if Evelyn and Jennifer try to crash this party, access will be denied with a lot of drama.

What I didn’t realize is that things were so serious between Shaunie O’Neal and Royce Reed. After all, Shaunie O’Neal is the reason Royce is on the show. So whatever happened in Spain, left a bad taste in Royce’s mouth, and Shaunie O’Neal is not even allowed to attend the party Royce is hosting. If Evelyn or Jennifer try to act like they didn’t want to attend the party in the first place, trust  me they did, but there access was just denied.

This will make for a great reunion show. Is it me or has Shaunie changed this season?

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