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30,000 Wisconsin Public Workers Fight For Their Rights; House Dems Walk Out

The Conservative horns are showing, as Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, tries to strip the bargaining rights of public workers like teachers and nurses in order to “balance” the state budget. Stripping public workers of bargaining rights has nothing to do with balancing the budget. This is just an attempt to win back rights for corporate cronies who really will create a slave system as they are in cahoots with the government against the people and their rights to be represented. Republicans act like they care about jobs and government spending, but what they really want to do is put power in hands of corporations and top tier earners, so that everyday people are limited in rights and power. Therefore the control of wealth and government lies in the hands of the rich and not the working or middle class. What this ultimately means is that if you are not an owner, you will work for what the corporation feels is fair. Without collective bargaining Conservatives can strip away minimum wage, overtime compensation, child labor laws, equal opportunity hiring, health and hazardous rights, pensions, employee health care, 401K contributions, and unemployment benefits. They call these things “socialism,” but if the people are powerless against corporations and greed through government, it then becomes  modern day slavery or a fascist state.

Normally I wouldn’t be concerned except that this governor has threatened to call the National Guard on the people of Wisconsin if they boycotted or walked out. Now, that is where the horns are revealed. How are you going to call the National Guard on your fellow citizens because they don’t support your policies? So fight on Wisconsin!

When asked by a reporter what will happen if workers resist, Walker replied that he would call out the National Guard. He said that the National Guard is “prepared…for whatever the governor, their commander-in-chief, might call for. … I am fully prepared for whatever may happen.”

I am so proud of the public workers in Wisconsin and those that support them. I am proud of Super Bowl Champions Green Bay Packers and the Wisconsin police and firemen for standing by their fellow public workers’ side. Someone needs to stand up to Governor Scott Walker Mussolini. To think these same”conservative” people tried to convince us President Obama was the evil one, while they are creating evil right under our noses.  And Wisconsin is not even a liberal state. SMH!

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