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Serena Williams Foot Still In Cast Months Later

What is really going on with Serena’s foot? I am getting scared now, after seeing these pictures of her in the airport on a one pedal bike looking contraption. There were reports last summer back in early July that Serena Williams injured her foot and would have to pull out some high profile games. The injury was described as a off-court accident, in which Serena Williams cut her foot on some glass in MunichSerena Williams then went in for foot surgery, and came out looking like she also had some”other” surgeries. Serena’s foot has been in a brace or full cast since last August.

Well fast forward to today, six months later, and now I am just hoping her foot is alright. So many questions, and I am genuinely concern. Is Serena Williams bowing out of tennis?

[In a cast back in December 2010]

[Serena Williams in August at Louis Vuitton in boot]

[Back in July at the Espy Awards in band-aid]

[Serena Williams today in LAX airport on a pedal walker thingy. What is that?]

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