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RHOA Cynthia Bailey Explains Why Peter Thomas Was Talking To Her Crazy

Peter Thomas was one of my new favorites on Real Housewives of Atlanta, that is until he started showing his true colors and talking to Cynthia like she was his child. Cynthia received a phone call from NeNe Leakes, and Peter told  her to get off the phone, he didn’t want her talking to NeNe or anyone else while he was at home. I was just shocked waiting for Cynthia to put him in his place on national TV, but instead she hung up the phone with NeNe and acted like she didn’t hear Peter talking to her half-crazy.  Later in that episode, he went off on both Cynthia and NeNe.

Well according to Cynthia Bailey, here’s the true reason why Peter Thomas was acting out like a hostile Jamaican:

ESSENCE.com: Last week Peter almost banned you from talking to NeNe on the phone while he’s at home. Did you think that was reasonable?

I think ban is a strong word. I think he voiced his opinion. You guys see a snippet but the situation was this: Peter was going through his thing at the restaurant, NeNe was going through it with Greg, and I was planning a wedding. All are very stressful. Fast-forward to me, Miss Pieces Peace and Love, I end up trying to be too many things to too many people. I was spending a lot more time on the phone with NeNe than I was paying attention to Peter’s situation. I love my friendship with her but I also cherish my relationship with Peter. I didn’t appreciate being stuck in the middle and I didn’t feel like I had to choose. If they have an issue they should work it out. Because I hadn’t planned on NeNe and Peter being good friends. I was friends with her; I don’t have that kind of relationship with Greg.
Essence.com: A lot of women have been in similar situations. Do you have any advice for women on how to handle this?

I can tell you the way I handled it. I talked to NeNe and tried to explain Peter’s situation and it wasn’t like ‘I can’t be on the phone with you 20 times a day anymore’ but more like ‘it’s a really crazy time for everyone and I need to give Peter more attention.’

ESSENCE.com: Did Peter’s restaurant, Uptown, end up closing?Yes, we closed about three months ago.

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