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LMBO! Girl Hair Catches Fire On Diddy Ustream

Everyone was talking about a girl’s hair catching fire last night while Diddy was hosting a Ustream party to celebrate his new album with Dirty Money, Last Train to Paris. Tonight thanks to You Tube the video has surfaced. Normally a nude woman in a tub would not make you laugh, and normally a woman’s hair catching fire would not make you laugh. BUT, you add comedian Kevin Hart and live streaming at a Diddy event, and you have yourself one of the funniest moments caught on tape in 2010.

I know y’all don’t like videos, but if you don’t watch this one, you are missing out on pure comedy at its best. LOL! Why didn’t they help her? Why was Kevin Hart the first to run? *my side hurts*. Watch the video when you continue…


[Girl Hair Catches Fire During Diddy Ustream Live with Kevin Hart]

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