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Lady GaGa decides to leave the house with no pants on, and strolls around Paris in nude draws. I have days like that, where I just want to roll out of bed and just go, but then I realize I live in reality. So, I put on some pants.

[Lady GaGa No Pants en Paris]

Who throws a shoe? Lady GaGa! During a recent concert in Paris, Lady GaGa was so over whelmed by the crowd participation and support, that she took off her haute-couture Giorgio Armani designed shoes, and threw them into the audience. Didn’t I mention these shoes were personally designed for Lady GaGa by Giorgio Armani, meaning you can’t go to Neiman Marcus or buy them online.

Some lucky fan, will be posting it on ebay when the time is right, and will make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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