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Chris Brown Completes Court Ordered Domestic Violence Classes

Chris Brown has really being doing his best to regain public trust and put his life back in order. I know many people view his actions as unforgivable, but I feel he deserves a second chance to prove he’s a better person than the young man in that car during the night of the assault.  The judge even gave Chris Brown a pat on the back as most people convicted of a crime usually feel like they’re the true victim and drag out their community service and court ordered programs until the court has to intervene again.

Well Chris Brown has completed a 52 week course on domestic violence, and he just wants us to see that he’s trying, and he’s taking it seriously:

Now watch a shirtless Chris Brown working his magic on Keri Hilson during a recent performance at Hot 106’s Holiday Night concert in Rhode Island. Boy he can “ummmm” dance 🙂 ….

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