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Carmello Anthony Sister, Michelle Anthony Dies At Age 36

Carmello Anthony has taken a leave of absence until after Christmas. His older sister, Michelle Anthony, passed away from a “pre-existing condition” in Baltimore. Michelle Anthony leaves behind four children, and four other siblings, including Carmelo Anthony.

Carmello and Michelle were raised by mother Mary (African American) after father Carmelo Sr., from Puerto Rico, who lost a battle to cancer when Michelle Anthony was 12 years old, and Carmello Anthony was only 2. Michelle has three other siblings besides her famous Nuggets baby brother. Daphne is her half sister, Wilford and Robert are her other brothers. When her mother used to work as a housekeeper Michelle, Daphne, and her big brothers looked after little Melo. {Source}

Our prayers go out to the LaLa Vasquez/Carmello Antony family during the holiday season.

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