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Is it me, but has Amber Rose handled the Kanye West break-up pretty well considering the fact that Kanye West keeps throwing jabs in her direction. I thought she was girl from the streets of Philly. Kanye West wrote a few lines in the Deuces remix where he was clearly referring to Amber Rose, his faux cover art had a phoenix like creature looking an awful lot like Amber Rose with a feather in a place I just don’t want to describe, and yesterday in an interview with Funkmaster Flex, he took yet another swipe at Amber Rose, reducing their two year relationship to just a phase.

Now Funkmaster Flex is taking sides, and Amber Rose is going in on Funkmaster Flex for re-tweeting quotes that referred to her as less than a woman.

One question @funkmasterflex how am I a hoe when I was in a RELATIONSHIP for 2 years with a man that I loved???

My thing is, why is Amber Rose not talking about Kanye West or responding to him directly? Was there really a payoff for her silence? Why is she going after Funkmaster Flex when Kanye West started the whole fiasco? I think there is a lot going on behind the scenes and it all started with the Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Amber Rose love triangle or lack there of triangle. It’s psychological warfare and it looks like Kanye West is winning. I just have questions…

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