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Say What! Blogs Are Trying To Beat Kanye West Down To Regularness

Bloggers need to stop promoting some of these celebs all together. I hardly ever hear a star talk about the great things blogs have done for them or their career. So often blogs are bashed for being negative, yet, the celebs eat up all the free publicity blogs provide. I just find it ironic that celebs hate when blogs talk about the tacky fashion their trying to push on us, but then turn around and bash blogs for the tacky coverage of their tacky fashion.

Anyway, Kanye West is once again tooting his own horn, and going in on blogs for talking about his fashion choice. According to Kanye West blogs are trying to beat him into “regularness”. Watch the video, because Kanye West hits on some pretty important topics in music.

So many celebs are surrounded in the bubble of yes. I actually appreciate blogs who keep celebs in touch with what regular people are doing and saying. Everybody wants to be exceptional, don’t they? Some of them are just ordinary, very ordinary with an extraordinary set of circumstances. I think in this world today, ordinary is exceptional. I can really appreciate black hair right now, how about you?

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