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If you haven’t heard by now, Swizz Beatz allegedly has a daughter, Nicole, with a singer/producer named Jahna Sebastian who is currently residing in the UK. I guess I don’t have to say allegedly since Swizz Beatz confirmed it on twitter of all places back in October of 2010. Nicole is Swizz Beatz’ only girl, and she is definitely a beauty, and looks just like her dad and other siblings. Check out these exclusives pics of baby Nicole from Ms Trendy.

On this day Nicole and Jahna are spending a day out at Barbican Centre “Come & Play” weekend, where children could explore various instruments, sounds, join a band and play. Nicole played the percussion, harmonica, participated in a jazz band and had lots of fun. Nicole was born on 22nd May 2008 in London. Nicole loves playing piano, singing, dancing and banging a beat with everything she can find. She is growing up in a recording studio in Jahna’s house watching her mom make beats, sing and record literally from the time she was born.

More pics of the cutie pie when you continue. Say what you will, but that man makes some cute babies…

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