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New Video: Rihanna & Drake “What’s My Name” #1 On Charts

Does it matter if you like Rihanna’s music or not, probably not because baby girl has nine number ones under her belt. She is the most popular female singer at this point, having the most #1 pop hits since 2005 when Billbaord started using surveys to contribute to the Hot 100 data. Just to clarify Rihanna has the most #1 since 2005. The most #1 hits by a single female artist is Mariah Carey with 18, three more #1 hits and Mariah will take out the Beatles for the most #1 ever.

Look at the chemistry on the set…Check out the video for What’s My Name ft. Drake, this song just made history for Rihanna. BTW, this is a song I like. I like Rihanna the most when she stays true to her Barbadian roots.

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