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I Betcha Want See Sasha & Malia Cussing On Facebook

Willow and Bristol Palin became upset on Facebook, when a young man by the name of Tre said, “Sarah Palin Alaska, is failing soo hard right now. “ This was simply the boys opinion of the show, but Bristol and Willow were not having it. I understand having to constantly defend you mother, but why are these two young women cursing like sailors, dropping f-bombs, and calling people “faggots”. What kind of Conservative upbringing is this?

I better not ever see Sasha and Malia posting stuff on Facebook that shows their lack of values and home training. What am I thinking, First Lady Michelle Obama will never allow that to happen! The Conservative party of values, just don’t seem to have too many values, other than cutting taxes.

There is more cursing when you continue. If I was a parent I would be ashamed. I wondered what excuse Fox News and Sarah Palin will come up with, “It’s the liberals fault why my children use such language.” They will probably blame rap music instead of her parenting skills.

Hopefully you get the drift…Anyway you can read the rest of the script here.

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