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DEAD! Woman Cries Over Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim Beef; When Stans Go Wrong

In this hilarious rap, and young woman cries over the Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim beef. Why I entertained this foolishness this morning, I do not know, but my side is hurting from the laughter (thanks to Miss Jia). Anyway, a young rap stan wrote a “heart-felt” message to Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim and how their rap beef is destroying the game.

You know how black men get when they tired of black women fighting, arguing and ish, they go get them a white a bish. A white bish don’t do none of that ish, white bishes get along, they know how to get along, they can get money together,  they can go on tour together, look at Cindy Lauper and Lady Gaga. They in the MAC store raising money, they on TV together why we fighting. They about to take this ish from us.

Check out the video on the next page, and it’s probably NSFW with the language at all, but it will make your day go by just a little bit faster.

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