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Bishop Eddie Long Often Shares Room With Members Of Congregation

Bishop Eddie Long finally has a response to charges of sexual misconduct filed by four male ex-members of his church. Bishop Long (who now reminds me of Bishop Don Juan) responds to each charge levied at him by the young men.

I don’t even know where to start, but let’s start with the fact that he allows his parishioners to call him Daddy.  He often sleeps in the same hotel rooms with his congregation while traveling, even if they are underage, even if they are women? Bishop Eddie Long also admits to showering the boys with gifts, but not in exchange for sexual favors. He also provided many young men with transportation so that they can get to school and work.Long denies providing them with drugs or sleeping agents as claimed by one of the victims.

Long provided cars for the youths so they would have transportation to school and work, according to the responses, and provided them housing when they needed it — in the case of LeGrande, for instance, because his school had no dormitory and he was living in a hotel room, and in the case of Flagg, because he could not return to his mother’s home after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting her during a confrontation. Long provides many church members with employment, the responses said.

Long admits that he “provides opportunities for travel, education and personal growth to many members of his congregation” and claims in the responses that he often shares hotel rooms with members of his congregation when traveling.

Some of the young men have said that Long encouraged them to call him “Daddy.” In his responses to the suits, Long’s attorneys say that the “entire New Birth membership calls Bishop Long ‘Daddy’ or ‘Bishop.'” Participants in the pastor’s LongFellows Youth Academy call him “Pop,” according to the documents, and members of other churches call Long “Granddaddy.”

“The references to and association between Bishop Long (and other religious leaders) and a ‘Spiritual Father’ is based upon the crisis in the African American community of fatherlessness,” the documents said.

LeGrand claims that Long provided him with Ambien, a sleep aid, during a trip to Kenya. Long said nearly everyone on the Kenya trip had trouble sleeping due to the time change, and that he himself took Ambien to help him rest, but denied LeGrand’s allegations against him.

Also, “Bishop Long admits that it is common among his church congregation for members to hug each other and hug the Bishop,” his attorneys said in the response to LeGrand’s suit. “However, Bishop Long has no recollection of a prolonged hug with plaintiff.” {Source}

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