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Reggie Bush Threatens To Expose Kim Kardashian; What Secrets Are Being Kept?

First, I think it’s wrong of Kim Kardashian to put Reggie Bush on blast. During last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim puts an angry Reggie Bush on speaker phone for the whole world to hear. It sounds like Reggie Bush was very jealous of Kim’s old boyfriend, Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys.

However, I think Reggie Bush is out of his mind if he thought he could cheat on Kim Kardashian, use Amber Rose to make Kim jealous, and not suffer any consequences publicly. Lastly, why is it that men can break up with women and think they are still running things. Ha!

Anyway because of last night’s show, Reggie Bush is now threatening Kim to slow her row, or get exposed. I wonder what he knows??? This could get interesting…

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